ALPR data privacy concerns

License Plate Recognition and Privacy: What You Need to Know

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) has been under scrutiny from privacy watchdogs for years. Concerns range from capturing ...
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Entrance to emergency room at a hospital

Using ALPR to Keep People Safe in a Pandemic

By John Chigos, CEO, PlateSmart Technologies ALPR With the COVID-19 outbreak officially declared a pandemic, CBS News reported World ...
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War on Domestic Terror

ALPR: A Formidable Weapon in the war against Domestic Terror

This article was originally released August 16th, 2016. With the recent shootings in the Philadelphia Synagogue, and the ...
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ALPR Commercial Solutions- College Campus

Do Security Cameras Really Make Campuses Safer?

Security Cameras in surveillance are an important aspect of the security setups at many large institutions--but is LPR ...
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License Plate Reader Camera

LPR License Plate Recognition Taken to the Next Level

LPR License plate recognition or automatic license plate recognition ALPR technology has become an economical solution for access control ...
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PlateSmart: A smarter ALPR

The Future of Security—Served on a Plate

The surveillance of communication has been in the news a great deal lately, raising a whole bunch of ...
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