AI Powered ALPR / Vehicle Recognition Solutions for Security and Business Analytics

Crime and terrorism can take many forms, but there is almost always a common thread: the use of a motor vehicle. Thanks to cutting-edge AI and deep
learning, PlateSmart can provide actionable intelligence about virtually any vehicle. From the license plate (automatic license plate recognition, or ALPR), to
characters on the vehicle, to the vehicle color, to its make and type, PlateSmart vehicle recognition solutions can make your location more secure, all while
providing you with useful analytics about visitors that can help you better serve residents, customers, or other stakeholders.

The Pioneers of the Original Software-Only ALPR Solution

PlateSmart was the first to introduce a software-only, camera-agnostic automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) solution, consigning to history expensive, proprietary ALPR systems. PlateSmart software can integrate with virtually any camera, video management system (VMS) or third-party solution. Add ALPR to your existing security infrastructure seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Partners with the Biggest Security Brands in the Business

From video management system (VMS) providers to camera manufacturers to system integrators, PlateSmart works with the most prominent brands in security. You can count on PlateSmart ALPR and vehicle recognition software to seamlessly integrate with virtually any components of your existing security infrastructure.

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