Automatic License Plate Recognition for Security Solutions and ALPR Based Business Analytics

Crime and terrorism are ever-present problems in our world. Law enforcement and homeland security personnel, as well as those in the private physical security sector, are tasked with protecting us from enemies that grow more sophisticated with each passing day. As a result, there is a need for a mass deployment of advanced automatic license plate recognition surveillance technology with video analytics to help them keep up with ongoing threats.

License Plate Camera ALPR
License Plate Camera ALPR

What We Do

PlateSmart’s Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) software can turn any conventional surveillance camera into a license plate recognition camera. PlateSmart ARES is not just an ordinary license plate reader. We provide the most powerful, flexible, and affordable vehicle recognition LPR software and video analytics solutions for your organization.

Whether your needs are counter-terrorism, law enforcement, private security, business analytics, or a mix of needs, our award-winning automatic license plate recognition camera technology gives you the proactive real-time information you need thanks to our unique license plate reader artificial intelligence.



PlateSmart software is easily integrated with video management systems and most existing or off-the-shelf cameras.


Scalable solutions from PlateSmart read license plates from full-color video in addition to recognizing state jurisdiction and vehicle make.


Our AI-driven ALPR software offers advanced analytics, comprehensive search and reporting capabilities, and secure information sharing with local, state and federal agencies.


At PlateSmart, we offer the first true cloud-based Software-as-a-Service ALPR analytics solution.


PlateSmart’s software-only alpr solutions work with most currently available surveillance cameras, giving you the best vehicle identification technology at a reasonable price point.

ALPR Partners and Integrators

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PlateSmart News and Events

PlateSmart and Geutebrück Showcase Partnership at ISC West

It’s been almost a year since PlateSmart Technologies’ ARES automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software was fully integrated with Geutebrück’s video management software (VMS). Now both companies — pioneers in their respective fields — are making ready to demo that integration in Geutebrück booth #24099 at ISC West in Las Vegas. “Increased threats of crime…

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ISC West: Who are we exhibiting with

We’re looking forward to seeing you next week at ISC West! But where can you find PlateSmart? We’ll be exhibiting at several partner booths: • Axis Communications: Booth #14051 (manned by PlateSmart personnel) • Geutebrück: Booth #24099 • IPConfigure: Booth #6109 • Milestone Systems: Booth #18053 in the C2P pod • Pelco: Booth #20031 • Uniview:…

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