Crime and terrorism are ever-present problems in our world. Law enforcement and homeland security personnel, as well as those in the private physical security sector, are tasked with protecting us from enemies that grow more sophisticated with each passing day. As a result, there is a need for a mass deployment of advanced surveillance technology with video analytics to help them keep up with ongoing threats.

Vehicle Recognition Identification

What We Do

PlateSmart’s software can turn any conventional surveillance camera into a Vehicle Recognition Identification (VRI) camera. PlateSmart is not just an ordinary license plate reader. We provide the most powerful, flexible, and affordable vehicle recognition video analytics solutions for your organization. Whether your needs are security, business intelligence, or both, our award-winning technology gives you the proactive real-time information you need thanks to our unique Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Platesmart vehicle recognition Identification

Why PlateSmart?

PlateSmart Vehicle Recognition analytics solutions for fixed locations and mobile deployments are trusted by clients in commercial and government sectors worldwide, because our software-only technology offers many significant advantages the competition can’t:

Custom Integration

PlateSmart software is easily integrated with video management systems and most existing or off-the-shelf cameras.

Advanced Processing

Scalable solutions from PlateSmart read license plates from full-color video in addition to recognizing state jurisdiction and vehicle make.

AI-Powered Data Analytics

Our AI-driven software offers advanced analytics, comprehensive search and reporting capabilities, and secure information sharing with local, state and federal agencies.

Cloud Platform

At PlateSmart, we offer the first true cloud-based Software-as-a-Service ALPR analytics solution.

Cost Effective

PlateSmart’s software-only solutions work with most currently available surveillance cameras, giving you the best vehicle identification technology at a reasonable price point.

PlateSmart Markets

PlateSmart City


Healthcare Facilities

PlateSmart’s ARES can be integrated into any video surveillance system already in place to automatically track staff, patient, and visitor vehicles coming and going. Access to parking structures can be managed without extra human intervention, and individuals known to cause trouble can be automatically banned by PlateSmart’s exclusive AI. What’s more, vehicle capture information can be sent directly to local law enforcement using the optional PlateSmart Network.


Campus Security

PlateSmart’s ARES ALPR-based video analytics software can provide the tools necessary to give campus security real-time knowledge of who is on campus and when. Just as important, PlateSmart can help on-campus personnel with the often-difficult task of parking enforcement. PlateSmart can keep lot counts and alert parking officers when a vehicle parks in an unauthorized space or stays in a particular lot for too long, all without the need for painstaking visual inspections.


ARES increases the safety of family and property whether in a housing development, condo, or an apartment complex. ARES gathers video analytics information with custom user settings to assess if there are any unauthorized vehicles driving in. ARES can also be used for access control, allowing access based on license plates instead of a gate code or decals.


With ARES, you can know who is coming to play and notify staff of any potential threats before they ever set foot in your casino. What’s more, you can connect with law enforcement databases and create custom hotlists to warn or inform of criminals, banned persons, gambling addicts, and regulars, all before they park their cars.



PlateSmart’s ARES Enterprise ALPR solution provides an invaluable tool for enhancing security, which is the most vital mission of any airport. ARES’ advanced video analytics can detect suspect vehicles as they drive onto your property and alert security personnel, enabling them to stop criminal or terrorist perpetrators before they can do harm. ARES can also detect suspicious movement patterns like circling, allowing security to alert law enforcement for further investigation.


Parking Management

PlateSmart’s ARES is reducing the need to manually inspect vehicles and write tickets. The software’s AI is able to automatically scan and log all vehicles coming onto a lot, with the ability to alert management or officials to violations. All license plate captures are time and date stamped and include full-color license plate images. In addition to controlling access, ARES can keep a count of vehicles in the lot, alerting appropriate personnel if the lot is at or close to capacity.

Fixed Camera

City Surveillance

Citywide surveillance is fast becoming a go-to strategy for crime detection and prevention. As a result, city governments are looking for an effective approach that is affordable on limited budgets. PlateSmart provides the perfect solution in ARES, a software-only system that doesn’t sacrifice quality or accuracy. ARES helps automate the analysis of video by detecting and recognizing vehicle behavior patterns in addition to reading license plate numbers and state jurisdictions and recognizing vehicle make. ARES can even be integrated with current Video Management Systems (VMS) without the need for additional expensive hardware, making ARES different from any other video analytics solution.

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