Solutions for Commercial and Government Applications

From tracking criminals to analyzing the flow of traffic in a parking lot to automating tasks, few technologies can be applied as widely as ALPR can. And PlateSmart has found a way to address virtually every application, from commercial to government use. The company's award-winning technology begins with a plate and ends with AI-driven intelligence. The goal: capture license plate and vehicle data and turn it into accurate, real-time intelligence our customers can use no matter the industry or market segment.

If you want AI-driven intelligence about the vehicles visiting your business, neighborhood, or property, reach out to us today.

Our Many Clients Use PlateSmart for a Variety of Purposes, Including:

Wide-Area Surveillance

For large sites with heavy traffic — airports, maritime ports, and military bases, for example — as well as municipalities looking to perform citywide surveillance, PlateSmart ALPR delivers real-time, actionable security intelligence.

Analyze travel patterns, identify hotspots, and detect vehicle activity that could signal criminal behavior.
Connect to NCIC and state Fusion Center databases to bounce vehicle data against national and state BOLOs – all while complying with CJIS requirements.
Integrate seamlessly into virtually any network of surveillance cameras – from only a handful to several thousand – as well as most major video management systems (VMS) and third-party security solutions.
Smart City
Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security

Knowing who is coming into and leaving your site – and when – is key to keeping employees and visitors safe. PlateSmart ALPR is a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling traffic at sports arenas, HOAs, college campuses, and everything in between.

Control access at entrance gates via license plate.
Get automatic alerts if a hotlisted vehicle, such as that of a disgruntled former employee, drives onto your property.
Identify potential casing activity that could lead to criminal activity or worse – a terrorist attack.

ALPR-Driven Automation and ROI

Users continue to apply ALPR in creative ways:

PlateSmart ALPR and its ability to integrate with almost any third-party tool makes it flexible enough to automate many processes, saving you money, boosting revenue, and providing exceptional customer service.

Fast-food providers that tie vehicle data into the CRM tool to offer drive-thru customers their favorite orders on the menu.
Car washes that automatically provide the subscribed service based upon the vehicle’s license plate.
Retailers who provide curbside pick-up when the customer’s vehicle arrives in a designated area.
Corporate facilities that tie vehicle data into their visitor management systems.
Drive Automation
Retail Crime Prevention

Retail Crime Prevention

According to the National Retail Federation, organized retail crime continues to rise and costs retailers more than $700,000 per $1 billion in sales. PlateSmart ALPR can help stem this tide with deep analytics and real-time alerts that can reveal criminal behavior before it happens. It’s an investment in security that can pay for itself in no time.

CJIS-compliant integration with law enforcement notifies police automatically when a suspect comes onto your property.
Analyze vehicle activity across several locations to see if criminals are casing your stores.
Timestamped vehicle data can help you narrow the field of vehicles that could belong to fraudsters.

LPR-Enabled Intelligent Parking

Looking to streamline the parking experience on your property? PlateSmart ALPR software can help.

Prevent revenue loss by automatically allowing access for authorized plates while refusing entry to unregistered vehicles.
Enforce parking rules with hotlists that keep offenders out.
Analyze data about parking capacity and traffic volumes by date and time for better long-term planning. You can even share data with law enforcement for improved security.

Contact us for available integration with your parking system as well as your custom integration needs.

Intelligent Parking

What You Get From Our Solutions

License Plate Accuracy

Industry-Leading Vehicle Recognition

While other ALPR providers use simple OCR, PlateSmart delivers vehicle recognition powered by AI and deep learning. The result is the plate, state jurisdiction, vehicle make, and color – 24/7/365, under virtually all environmental conditions. And that’s just the beginning.

camera-agnostic implementation-2

Camera-agnostic Implementation

As a software-only solution, PlateSmart can work with any surveillance camera, so there’s no need to “rip and replace” existing hardware. Even better – our software can use off-the-shelf Windows- and Intel-based computer hardware.

Enterprise-Ready Architecture

Enterprise-Ready Architecture

Anyone can do ALPR on a few cameras. But what about a few thousand? That’s PlateSmart’s sweet spot. Our solutions are ideal for any size deployment, including HOAs, citywide surveillance, and other wide-area surveillance applications.

superior customer service

Superior Customer Service

PlateSmart’s in-house support team delivers rapid and professional service from our offices in Florida. Get your questions answered, even after hours, via phone or email. We support the entire application, from design assistance to camera calibration to application commissioning.

VMS and Third-Party Software Integration

VMS and Third-Party Software Integration

PlateSmart already integrates into major VMS systems for access to vehicle and alert metadata. But our software makes it easy to add LPR to virtually any third-party software, from security to access control to point-of-sale.

Full Data Ownership

Full Data Ownership

Who owns the data you collect? You do! PlateSmart never touches it. Not every ALPR provider can – or will – make that claim. Our software provides various levels of permission and auditing functionality for checks and balances. And you decide on data retention.

Find Out More About Our Plate Recognition Solutions

Schedule a demo with our team to learn how PlateSmart works and what it can do for your business. There are many ALPR services out there, but ours is the original and one of the only ones that can pair with any camera or third-party software.