Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions (ARES) 3.0 Analytics

Delivering Actionable Vehicle Intelligence You Can Use

License plate and vehicle attribute data become really powerful when they help you identify trends that either solve problems or improve your bottom line. PlateSmart ARES 3.0 analytics does just that. The software’s powerful analytics crunch the data for you so that you can more quickly and effectively utilize the information.

Identify traffic patterns, including hotspots and travel times.
Know what places a vehicle visits the most, as well as its most common routes of travel.
Search and filter vehicles by plate, jurisdiction, vehicle attribute, even camera location, and customize your reports.
Export data to JSON, CSV, or XLSX for additional sharing and analysis.

Want to See PlateSmart ARES Analytics in Action?

Get Vehicle Travel History

Many security and law enforcement applications would benefit from knowing a vehicle’s travel history. ARES 3.0 analytics can provide that intelligence.

Use the License Plate to See a Vehicle’s Travel History.
Limit By Date and Time.
Filter by Camera Location.
Determine Travel Time Between Cameras (Minimum, Maximum, and Average).
See the Most Common Routes the Vehicle Has Taken.
alpr analytics
Traffic Density GIF

Find Traffic Hotspots

Whether you're looking to address congested rush-hour traffic or planning traffic flow around a large site such as an airport, ARES 3.0 analytics can help you see the overall traffic picture.

Identify Traffic Hotspots by Date and Time.
Filter by Camera Location for More Detailed Intelligence.

The best part is that you can mix and match any of these tools for virtually unlimited search combinations. And export the data for further analysis. The end result is time saved and answers received.

Apply ARES 3.0 Analytics to Your Specific Solution

See how ARES 3.0 can be applied in a variety of market sectors. Visit our Solutions page to learn more.