PlateSmart Cloud-Based Video Analytics Now Available to Government Sector

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PlateSmart Partners With CWPS, Secures Position as Official Federal Vendor

 Award-Winning ARES Software Certified and Hosted by Amazon Web Services

PlateSmart Technologies, the creator of the world’s first software-only video analytics solutions based on License Plate Recognition (LPR), announced today that its ARES analytics product is now available to government agencies in a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The ARES service is hosted through Amazon GovCloud, an ultra-secure portal of Amazon Web Services that specializes in handling secure government data.

Subscribers to the service have access to the full suite of features provided by PlateSmart’s award-winning ARES enterprise LPR video analytics solution. In addition to employing the most accurate LPR engine on the market, users can perform comprehensive data mining for forensic purposes, as well as for pattern recognition. The service requires no software installation on the user side, saving vast amounts of bandwidth and ensuring that all software updates take effect immediately without time-consuming downloads. Additionally, subscribers are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis, drastically reducing costs while enhancing security. The ARES solution is completely camera agnostic and will therefore function with surveillance cameras the subscriber already has in place, as well as with any special-purpose cameras that may be required to meet project needs.

PlateSmart has been making significant waves in the government arena in recent years. One of the Company’s long-held contracts is with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) of the U.S. Navy. The Undersecretary of the Navy, in awarding PlateSmart the sole-source contract, stated that the Company’s ARES software was the only product capable of meeting the agency’s needs. In addition to the new cloud-based offering, PlateSmart is also negotiating sole-source contracts with a number of other Federal agencies. Earlier this year, ARES was the recipient of a 2014 Platinum Govies Award from Security Products magazine, a coveted recognition of excellence in government security products.

Even with such impressive credentials, however, the privilege of being hosted by Amazon GovCloud was no sure thing. As PlateSmart founder and CEO John Chigos noted, “We went through a lengthy certification process for Amazon to host ARES. They are extremely serious about making sure their government clients’ data is protected. We have built into this product some of the toughest safeguards you will find anywhere on the market, in addition to unparalleled LPR accuracy and a comprehensive, robust analytics back-end. This is secure, real-time, and cost-effective situational awareness that no one else can provide.”

Those interested in learning more about PlateSmart’s ARES cloud-based service can contact PlateSmart at (813) 749-0892.

About PlateSmart:

PlateSmart Technologies, Inc., has developed the world’s first software-only License Plate Recognition (LPR) and video analytic solutions, which are compatible with both state-of-the-art and legacy cameras. PlateSmart offers both mobile and fixed LPR and analytic solutions, which are designed either to function as stand-alone tools or to integrate with third-party software and hardware. ARES, PlateSmart’s enterprise LPR-based analytic solution, provides real-time actionable intelligence with industry-leading accuracies and state jurisdiction recognition for complete situational awareness. PlateSmart’s solutions have been recognized as the most innovative and forward-thinking LPR analytics technology by Frost and Sullivan.

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