About Us

What is PlateSmart?

PlateSmart is an industry leader in providing video analytics solutions based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solutions. Our goal is to create a safer environment anywhere by acting as the extended “eyes and ears” of security personnel, providing solutions that are suited to practically any vertical market. PlateSmart’s hardware-agnostic approach to security technology allows for compatibility with practically any existing security camera, unlike any other ALPR technology. PlateSmart solutions are truly the workhorses of the surveillance industry.

Mission Statement

To make the world’s best real-time video analytics solutions for security and business intelligence through the use of AI.

The PlateSmart Advantage

All PlateSmart solutions are hardware-agnostic, meaning they do not need proprietary hardware and specialty cameras to work effectively. That alone cuts a significant amount out of upfront costs, making it easier to get a good return on your investment without sacrificing quality or accuracy. PlateSmart software is also easily integrated with any third-party software package and is fully scalable. Additionally, our solutions incorporate advanced information-sharing features, allowing for increased collaboration within departments and providing analytic data that is necessary for enhancing security and fighting crime anywhere in the world. One of our goals is to create a collaborative network as part of developing “smart cities” that will eventually drive crime rates down and keep dangerous situations to a minimum.