About Us

What is PlateSmart?

About PlateSmart: PlateSmart was founded on the principles of innovation and remains the leading provider of Vehicle Recognition Identification Technology.  A global Innovator since 2004, headquartered in Oldsmar, Florida and strives to provide a superior security solution and excellent customer service.

PlateSmart is the leading provider of camera-agnostic, Vehicle Recognition Identification and intelligent video analytic solutions.  Our advantage is our ability to capture more data and deliver more actionable intelligence from a wider field of view with Object Recognition technology, instead of the traditional OCR technology.

PlateSmart’s open-architecture approach serves enterprise, government, and commercial organizations through our ecosystem of top-tier security solution providers.

Mission Statement

To provide superior, cost effective and sustainable Vehicle Recognition Identification solutions to keep people safe. Our goal is to create a collaborative network for secure data sharing for fusion centers, law enforcement, and government while adhering to industry best practices and provide a means of transparency.

We are committed to developing new innovative concepts to provide a dynamic, flexible and highly customizable VRI solution while striving for operational excellence and officer safety.

PlateSmart doesn’t want to just sell you a product, PlateSmart strives to provide you a superior solution and on-going support to meet and exceed your expectations.

The PlateSmart Advantage

All PlateSmart solutions are hardware-agnostic, meaning they do not need proprietary hardware and specialty cameras to work effectively. That alone cuts a significant amount out of upfront costs, making it easier to get a good return on your investment without sacrificing quality or accuracy. PlateSmart software is also easily integrated with any third-party software package and is fully scalable. Additionally, our solutions incorporate advanced information-sharing features, allowing for increased collaboration within departments and providing analytic data that is necessary for enhancing security and fighting crime anywhere in the world. One of our goals is to create a collaborative network as part of developing “smart cities” that will eventually drive crime rates down and keep dangerous situations to a minimum.

Core Values

Core values are the deeply ingrained principles that guide our business, our product development and our brand.  As our company continues to evolve and grow, these five values remain constant.

Communication, Respect, Integrity, Excellence, Honesty