PlateSmart and TeraDact Partner to Provide Maximum Security and Accountability for Data Sharing

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TeraDact to protect data collected by PlateSmart LPR solution

Industry-leading LPR technology to incorporate cutting-edge redaction software as integral part of its groundbreaking audit trail feature set

PlateSmart™, worldwide brand leader of License Plate Recognition (LPR) Analytic Solutions, today announced that TeraDact Solutions™ and PlateSmart will team to integrate TeraDact’s patented Information Identification and Presentation (IIaP™) capabilities, including the TeraDactor™ redaction engine, with its “software only” license plate recognition (LPR) solutions for mobile and fixed security applications. Through this integration, as well as a number of innovations to its own proprietary software-only technology, PlateSmart is creating the industry’s first completely auditable database search engine for Federal and state security agencies’ use.

In conjunction with PlateSmart’s industry-leading LPR solutions, which also feature facial recognition, third-party database integration and a robust data security infrastructure, TeraDactor™ will complement PlateSmart to ensure that reports and images collected by PlateSmart’s customers will be protected from the unintended release of personal data. Put simply, the technology will enable the identification of data not directly related to PlateSmart’s analytics and potentially “scrub” that data from images and/or reports requested. TeraDact’s redaction technology will become an integral part of the comprehensive audit trail feature set in ARES, which is PlateSmart’s enterprise LPR-based video data analytics solution. This functionality provides a complete record of every informational query made through ARES to any database, including the identity of an agent making the request, the time and date of the request, what information was sought, and more. Any information identified in an image as not directly related to the agent’s request could be redacted by the TeraDactor, thus preventing unauthorized access of data. This ability to restrict what information can be accessed, as well as providing full accountability for every request made, will help to ensure that procedures are properly followed and data properly used thus alleviating many of the privacy concerns that have been raised about LPR.

“As governments and private entities collect vehicle data, secure information sharing is mandatory. In order for that collaboration to occur, sensitive and private data must be carefully managed.” said Chris Schrichte, President and CEO of TeraDact Solutions. “The combination of PlateSmart’s leading edge collection capabilities combined with the TeraDactor™ will help to ensure that sensitive information is not compromised and that privacy is properly protected.”

PlateSmart CEO John Chigos said, “Our partnership with TeraDact is the final step to completing the industry’s most robust and comprehensive auditing system for ARES, which we believe will set the industry standard for data integrity in LPR and video analytics. ARES will now become the primary investigative data gatekeeper of the industry, because it is completely transparent, holds all users fully accountable, and safeguards against unauthorized access like no other product on the market. Even we at PlateSmart cannot access the data guarded by ARES. PlateSmart as a company is committed to ensuring the responsible use of LPR data and the protection of personal privacy rights, as we feel that safety is of little value without the preservation of the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Thanks to this agreement, PlateSmart will be able to implement these vital features in ARES without compromising its remarkable power to fight crime and terrorism and to save lives.”

About TeraDact Solutions, Inc.
TeraDact Solutions, Inc., is a technology company focused on providing data centric information security, redaction and audit capabilities for government, corporate and individual customers in order to protect their sensitive information from either inadvertent disclosure or malicious activity. TeraDact is part of the rapidly growing cyber security and technology services market which according to Gartner, Inc., was a $67.2 billion market in 2013 with projected growth to exceed $86 billion in 2016.

About PlateSmart
PlateSmart Technologies has developed the world’s first software-only affordable License Plate Recognition (LPR) and video analytic solution, which works with both state-of-the-art and legacy cameras. PlateSmart offers solutions and analytics as server installed platforms for both mobile and fixed LPR operation as well as a cloud based SaaS service. ARES, PlateSmart’s flagship enterprise LPR-based analytic solution, provides real-time actionable intelligence with industry-leading accuracies and state jurisdiction recognition for complete situational awareness. PlateSmart has been frequently recognized as the most innovative and forward-thinking LPR technology by Frost and Sullivan and through awards from various industry trade organizations. Contact us at

This announcement contains forward-looking statements regarding Cyclops Technologies, Inc. (dba PlateSmart) and TeraDact Solutions, Inc. business, prospects, or other factors that may affect future earnings or financial results. Such statements involve risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to vary materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements.

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