PlateSmart Wins ASTORS Award for Best License Plate Recognition System

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Groundbreaking ALPR-based video analytics solution takes home awards for Best License Plate Recognition System and Best Video Analytics Solution

On Monday, October 31st, it was announced that PlateSmart’s ARES video analytics solution based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) has won two ASTORS awards, a Platinum Award for Best License Plate Recognition System and a Gold Award for Best Video Analytics Solution. The ASTORS awards mark the latest in a hot winning streak for PlateSmart, which has taken home major security industry awards for its products every year since 2013. Most significant about the ASTORS, however, is that it is the first time the industry has presented an award specifically for ALPR technology.

“What we’re seeing is that ALPR and ALPR-based video analytics are being adopted by law enforcement, counter-terrorism agencies, and private security organizations with rapidly increasing frequency,” said John Chigos, CEO of PlateSmart., “The industry has just begun to recognize ALPR as being one of the most effective and proactive security technologies that can help to identify and track criminal and terrorist suspects in real-time. The ASTORS awards are a great testimonial to the importance of ALPR technology and we are thrilled to win this award in the first ever Best ALPR category. As we continue to expand into other areas such as business intelligence, we anticipate more innovations to come.”

ARES’ market leadership position is further solidified by its ability to extract more data from video than any competing ALPR solution. The software not only reads license plates, but also recognizes state jurisdictions and vehicle make. The ability also to recognize vehicle color is in late-stage beta testing. ARES’ power and versatility are attested to by the hospitals, college campuses, military bases, and retail outlets that have already deployed it.

PlateSmart has big plans for ARES in 2017 and beyond. Just recently, the company unveiled its High-Definition (HD) ALPR feature, which enables the software to capture multiple license plates from designated regions of interest within the same video image. Also in the coming product release is PlateSmart’s remote viewer technology, which Chigos believes will revolutionize the use of ALPR by law enforcement by easily tapping into any fixed mounted camera feeds currently owned or controlled by law enforcement for real-time intelligence. This new method of accessing ALPR stands in sharp contrast to expensive old-school vehicle-mounted ALPR solutions.

Chigos points out that while the awards are certainly an honor, at the end of the day, PlateSmart’s mission is about making people’s lives better. He said, “We’re in this to fight crime and terrorism and to save lives. It certainly is an honor to be presented with these awards, and for that, we’re extremely grateful.”

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About PlateSmart

PlateSmart Technologies has developed the world’s first software-only Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) and video analytic solutions, which are compatible with both state-of-the-art and legacy cameras. PlateSmart offers both mobile and fixed ALPR and analytic solutions, which are designed either to function as stand-alone tools or to integrate with third-party software and hardware. ARES, PlateSmart’s enterprise ALPR-based analytics solution, provides real-time actionable intelligence with industry-leading accuracies and state jurisdiction recognition for complete situational awareness. PlateSmart’s solutions have been recognized as the most innovative and forward-thinking LPR technology by Frost and Sullivan.

DISCLAIMER: This press release may contain forward-looking statements and/or predictions. These statements are based on history, current knowledge, and current market conditions. They are subject to change without notice as conditions and knowledge change; therefore, undue reliance should not be placed on such statements.

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