ALPR Analytics – Powerful Vehicle Intelligence with Virtually Unlimited Scalability

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powerful vehicle intelligence with virtually unlimited scalability


New PlateSmart ARES 3.0 software delivers AI-based vehicle recognition solutions while also providing comprehensive ALPR Analytics for even the largest applications

OLDSMAR, Fla. — July 15, 2021 — PlateSmart Technologies, the pioneers of software-only automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology, has introduced a new ALPR and vehicle intelligence platform with almost unprecedented scalability and analytics: PlateSmart ARES® 3.0. This enterprise-grade solution employs cutting-edge AI and deep learning to extract vehicle data and allow users to analyze vehicle activities, from a single vehicle to thousands. It can monitor virtually any number of cameras and return search results in mere seconds, making it an especially valuable asset. And the software’s new engine is capable of reliably monitoring up to three lanes of traffic with a single camera.

“The future of the technology is in the ALPR Analytics that the data can provide,” said John Chigos, CEO, PlateSmart. “And that’s what ARES 3.0 delivers. Because of its scalability, it’s appropriate for everything from municipalities looking to monitor thousands of cameras as part of citywide surveillance to the retailer wanting to analyze vehicle traffic to offer better customer services, like faster curbside pickup.”

Users monitor cameras and access analytics via the software’s Security Intelligence browser-based interface. From there, users can narrow down vehicle data to what is most important to them:

  • Search for vehicles within a specific date range and time of day.
  • Filter results by any plate or vehicle attributes.
  • Choose cameras and search only their feeds.

alpr analytics

These search tools can be combined for almost unlimited search combinations, saving time and providing the intelligence the user needs. And search results appear within seconds, regardless of the number of cameras, for the fastest possible decision-making.

The comprehensive ARES 3.0 ALPR Analytics allows users to get a wealth of information about a vehicle’s travel habits:

  • See a vehicle’s travel history.
  • Limit travel history by date, time, and/or camera location.
  • Determine travel time between cameras.
  • See the most common routes a vehicle has taken.
  • Proactively predict where and when a vehicle of interest will be seen.

Such insights will be particularly valuable for law enforcement and security personnel at large sites such as airports that are interested in either tracking a suspect or determining if the travel behavior could be indicative of a threat.

Traffic density analysis is ideal for traffic studies. It examines how many vehicles make use of roads during particular dates and times:

  • See hotspots – where vehicles travel the most and points of congestion.
  • Filter by camera(s) for more detailed intelligence about an area.
PlateSmart Analytics

Purpose Driven ALPR Analytics in Traffic Density Heat Maps

Searches and analysis can be exported, as well, in JSON, CSV, or XLSX formats for additional sharing – and additional analysis.

“PlateSmart ARES 3.0 is, in a nutshell, unlike any other ALPR or vehicle recognition solution out there,” Chigos said. “The AI-driven analytics are second to none, and make the software proactive and predictive, so crime can be stopped before it occurs. 

And best of all, this wealth of data belongs to the customer. They decide where to store it and for how long. They choose who has access to it. PlateSmart never touches it.”

Chigos added that the best way to experience all the intelligence that ARES 3.0 has to offer is to get a demo. “Visit our website at to request one,” he said. “We know it will be worth your time.”


About PlateSmart®

In 2004, Cyclops Technologies, under the PlateSmart Technologies brand, introduced the first software-only, camera-agnostic automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) engine powered by early AI-based object recognition technology and compatible with video management systems (VMS). Today, the brand’s solutions have evolved into stand-alone vehicle recognition tools as well as those designed to integrate with almost any third-party software and hardware. They serve diverse applications, from law enforcement to wide-area surveillance to customer service enhancement, across a variety of markets in the U.S. and around the world.

The cutting-edge PlateSmart® ARES® 3.0 enterprise solution is designed for use with a virtually unlimited number of cameras. It can search those cameras within seconds across a number of vehicle attributes, locations, and date/time parameters for up-to-the-moment actionable intelligence and complete situational awareness. ARES Analytics provides deep intelligence about a vehicle’s travel behavior as well as mass traffic patterns, with a full suite of data visualizations and the ability to export data for additional analysis.

PlateSmart solutions have received multiple industry awards for excellence in security technology. Learn more at

FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS: This press release may contain forward-looking statements and/or predictions. These statements are based on history, current knowledge, and current market conditions. They are subject to change without notice as conditions and knowledge change; therefore, undue reliance should not be placed on such statements. 

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