Tested Cameras

PlateSmart Tested Cameras
PlateSmart incorporates the most reliable ALPR technology on the market today and is designed to work with practically any security camera in existence. But we also test as many different camera makes and models as we can to ensure that you get the best possible performance from your PlateSmart software.

Although we test many different specifications, PlateSmart’s main requirements to get optimum results from any camera are:

  • Up to 2 megapixels resolution
  • MJPEG and/or H.264 encoding
  • Minimum shutter speed of 1/1000 sec.
  • Gain limit control
  • Telephoto varifocal lens

Below is a list of cameras that we have thoroughly tested with our system to give you the best possible results with PlateSmart products. This list will be expanded periodically, as we test more cameras.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and recommendations on these and other cameras.

Arecont VisionAV3256PMIR-SVariesDay/NightOptionalDependent On Lens
Arecont VisionAV3225PMTIR8-22 MMDay/NightIR SensitiveGood for Up to 25'
Arecont VisionAV3115DNv1CustomizableDay/NightIR SensitiveDependent On Lens
Avigilon2.0MP Bullet22 MMDay/NightBuilt-InGood for Up to 25'
AxisQ1765-LE89 MMDay/NightBuilt-InGood for Up to 90'
AxisQ6042 PTZ119 MMDAY / IndoorNoneGood for Up to 125'
AxisP1427-LE3-10 MMDay/NightExtended up to 50'Good for Up to 10'
AxisQ1615-LE3-8 MMDay/Night OutdoorVarifocal, IR CorrectedGood for Up to 10'
AxisQ160480 MM Max - Varies With PurchaseDay/Night IndoorVaries with Lens PurchaseGood for Up to 80'
AxisQ60 SERIES5-143 MMDayAutomatically Removable Cut FilterGood for Up to 145'
DahuaHAC-HFW3220E-Z(H)3-12 MMDay/NightExtended Up to 164'Good for Up to 15'
DahuaHFW8281EP-Z4-8 MMDay/NightExtended Up to 165'Good for Up to 10'
EverFocusENZ 32603-10 MMDay/NightExtended Up to 131'Good for Up to 10'
EverFocusENZ 326149 MMDay/NightUp to 131'Good for Up to 50'
PelcoSarix IME 31229-22 MMDay/Night IndoorNoneGood for Up to 25'
PelcoSarix XXE20DNVaries With PurchaseDay/NightVaries with Lens PurchaseDependent On Lens
SamsungSNZ63205-145 MMDay/NightNoneGood for Up to 145'
SamsungSNB6004Purchased SeparatelyDay/NightExternal IR and A Weatherproof HousingDependent On Lens
SamsungSNP63205-143 MMDay/NightNoneGood for Up to 145'
SonySNCVB6008 MMDay/NightNoneGood for Up to 10'
VivotekIP816A-LPCVariesDay/NightUp to 20'Good for Up to 20'

Since PlateSmart’s announcement of “software only” Vehicle Recognition technology in 2012, we have witnessed exponential adoption from the physical security marketplace in terms of utilizing conventional cameras for LPR.  To extend the momentum from this success, we encourage all camera manufacturers to contact us for a feasibility study of your camera for LPR use with PlateSmart’s software.


Our camera evaluation team will run your camera through multiple check points for day/night operation with varying travel speeds.  Once your camera passes our LPR study, we will provide a summary report with study results for you to share with your organization and end users.  If your camera passes our study, we will also publish your camera specifications to our web site under our Resources tab in the approved camera listing section.

If you would like to learn more about the camera feasibility study, please email info@platesmart.com