Professional Services

All-Inclusive Service

In addition to our industry-leading ALPR solutions, PlateSmart offers a variety of professional services to help you get the most out of your PlateSmart product!
Whether you purchased PlateSmart for security or business intelligence, we stand ready to help you get the best possible return on your investment.
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Hotlist Integration

PlateSmart will provide customized development of your ARES solution to integrate your hotlist and/or Be-On-the-Lookout (BOLO) data into the software.

Software Customization

PlateSmart offers customized software development to accommodate special needs of the end user.

Camera Research

If you are a camera manufacturer whose camera model is not on PlateSmart’s certified list, we will research the unit to determine its suitability for use with ARES.

Recognition Engine Development

We can provide recognition engine development for non-supported regions or countries’ license plates or other special recognition needs.

Software Installation

PlateSmart offers system installation for ARES software and assists with camera calibration via remote connection.

PlateSmart Software Training

We can provide product training and consultation via remote connection.

On-Site Assistance

If needed, PlateSmart can send our expert technicians to your site to assist you with any issues that cannot resolve remotely. Travel costs in addition to normal fees apply.

Did you know?

We offer a range of solutions as well as professional services, for a true one-stop shopping experience. With PlateSmart there is no need to go to multiple vendors!

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