PlateSmart Network

The Latest Innovation in ALPR Data Sharing

With the PlateSmart Network, ARES users can share their license plate capture metadata with other ARES-equipped agencies in real time via a secure peer-to-peer connection. PlateSmart network can allow private businesses to instantly share their ALPR captures with local law enforcement, which can then check them against criminal databases. If a hit is found, police can be dispatched to the location without even the necessity of a phone call. PlateSmart network can also enable multiple law enforcement agencies to share data for the purposes of detecting and tracking persons of interest who may be moving from town to town or even state to state.
  • Easy setup
  • Affordable price point
  • No monthly cost for data – Your data is your property
  • Completely scalable
  • Secure, reliable network
  • End user decides who to share data with
  • Direct sharing with law enforcement
  • All information updated in real time
  • All ARES analytics available to connected parties
  • Law enforcement can be instantly notified of intruders on your property with active wants or warrants
  • Share license plate capture data with other ARES users via a secure connection
  • Perfect for businesses, housing developments, hospitals, college campuses, and more

If you run a business, HOA, or other private organization in need of physical security, PlateSmart’s ARES fixed ALPR-based video analytics solution is what you need to help ensure that unauthorized persons are kept away from your property. But as you know, you can only screen out the individuals you know about—the ones you have entered on your own ARES hotlists. Your employees and/or tenants would certainly feel safer if you could send your license plate captures directly to local law enforcement, where they are instantly compared to State and Federal databases of wanted persons. Units could be automatically dispatched to your location the second a criminal suspect attempted to enter your property.

PlateSmart Network makes this possible. Through peer-to-peer connections, you can send your ALPR capture metadata to any other ARES-enabled facility—even if they are in a different city. All it takes is a broadband internet connection. With ARES and PlateSmart Network, you are no longer alone in the task of keeping your staff and tenants safe. At the same time, you retain complete control of your own records while allowing law enforcement to do their job.