Mobile ALPR

Mobile License Plate Recognition

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology originated in Europe, where it is called Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Traditionally, mobile ALPR systems required dedicated hardware and specially designed license plate reader cameras to work. Then PlateSmart came along and introduced a software-only mobile ALPR solution compatible with virtually any off-the-shelf camera and and/or surveillance system, meaning you can add license plate reader capability to your security infrastructure without having to “rip and replace” any equipment. This hardware flexibility enabled by PlateSmart’s advanced AI allows for custom solutions, integration with existing hardware, and a better price point than any other ALPR technology on the market.
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Collaborative Networking

PlateSmart ensures that end users of our ALPR solutions do not work in isolation. The alert subscription feature allows for selected personnel to be instantly alerted when there is a hit, no matter whose system detects the vehicle. PlateSmart also provides a comprehensive back-office solution that makes research and reporting on license plate data quick and simple while interdepartmental information flow is easily managed.

PlateSmart ALPR

Works with almost any camera
Interior or exterior mounting – covert, any weather
Recognizes all 50 states, jurisdictions, and variations

Competitor ALPR

Needs special equipment
Exterior mounting only – not covert, vulnerable to weather
Difficulty recognizing states and variations

Additional Features

The PlateSmart Difference

PlateSmart addressed the challenges of “old-school” mobile ALPR solutions, also known as license plate readers or license plate scanners, by developing the first software-only ALPR product. As a result, PlateSmart has significantly reduced the expense of purchasing an ALPR solution while at the same time increasing the amount of data that can be extracted from video. Furthermore, with PlateSmart your cameras can be internally mounted for covert functionality and protection from the elements.

Smarter ALPR Software

PlateSmart ALPR solutions are the only ones on the market that reliably recognize all 50 states’ license plates and their many variations, as well as state jurisdictions. They are also able to recognize international plates and their countries of origin. In addition, the PlateSmart engine is able to “learn” to recognize new license plate variations when they are released, as well as international plates in countries where we are not yet deployed.

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