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Accurate and real-time monitoring of license plates can be essential in critical situations. PlateSmart’s ARES (Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions) software integrates with VideoXpert ™ from Pelco ™ by Schneider Electric ™ to seamlessly join captured video with license plate events and data for real-time situation awareness.
The integration with ARES enables operators of the VideoXpert platform to access all events and metadata captured by the license plate recognition (LPR) solution, through the unified Ops Center client, providing the benefit of monitoring real-time, historical and actionable license plate information.

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    Accurate monitoring of real-time and historical data
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    Recognition and detection of license plates
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    Simplified display of LPR data
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    Linked video and license plate data
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    Display and manage PlateSmart data and events within VideoXpert user interface
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    Event alerts based on defined rules
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    Synced video, alerts, and metadata
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    Easy sort, query, and filter of metadata

PlateSmart Overlay Plugin

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ARES’ integration with the Pelco VideoXpert Ops Center enables the benefits of both systems to seamlessly display video with license plate data.
  • Displays essential metadata including time capture with timestamp details, the name of the camera where this license plate was read, as well as source and plate images of the license plate
  • Ability to efficiently search, sort and filter all available metadata
Model: OCCPLUGPLATEOL PlateSmart Ops Center Overlay Plugin

PlateSmart Plate Viewer Plugin

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One of the key features of the ARES system is the ability to define rules that are run against ALPR data. As license plate reads occur, they are checked against the active rules, and an alert is generated if they meet the specified criteria, allowing for real-time monitoring alerts.
  • Real-time monitoring of license plates
  • Overlays camera window with a dynamic list of license plate reads
  • Displays key license plate information including plate number and state
Model: OCCPLUGPLATEPV PlateSmart Plate Viewer Ops Center Plugin

PlateSmart Alert Viewer Plugin

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This full-frame plug-in allows real-time monitoring of license plates read by all cameras on the ARES system. The Plate Viewer Plugin goes beyond capturing plate number and state, province or country, to display the critical data to make actionable decisions.
  • Displays Alerts with a full source image and detailed license plate image
  • Enables expanded Alert details and metadata including identification of the rule that triggered the alert as well as alert type, code, category and priority previously defined by the alert policy
  • Ability to efficiently search, sort and filter all available metadata
Model: OCCPLUGPLATEAV PlateSmart Alert Viewer Plugin