Avigilon Control Center

VMS Integration Information

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PlateSmart’s award winning ARES video analytics platform based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) integrates easily with Avigilon Control Center VMS software to create a video surveillance system unequalled in its ability to deliver complete situational awareness in real time. Unlike some other VMS solutions, Avigilon Control Center is capable of true two-way communication with ARES, which means that ARES can automatically discover and connect to any available camera within the system, then provide comprehensive XML metadata back to the Avigilon Control Center for each plate read and alert. Deploy state-of-the-art ALPR-based video analytics easily and quickly using ARES with Avigilon Control Center.

Communication Flow

PlateSmart Technologies communication-flow


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    Intuitive design for ease of use
  • PlateSmart Technologies ares_logo_300x300-25x25
    Completely scalable
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    Camera-agnostic - works with any camera connected to Avigilon Control Center
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    Automatic discovery of available cameras for ALPR
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    ALPR Metadata pushed to Avigilon Control Center as searchable Bookmarks
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    Alerts pushed out to users via text and/or email
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    Real-time actionable data accessible from anywhere in the world

Sample Images

PlateSmart Technologies avigilon-screen-1
All license plate captures documented with full-color images, date and time stamps, and complete metadata
PlateSmart Technologies avigilon-screen-2
License plate captures appear as bookmarks in Avigilon Control Center timeline for easy access
PlateSmart Technologies avigilon-screen-3
Alerts thoroughly documented and sent in real time to authorized personnel via text and/or email