Fixed Location ALPR Software

ARES is a quantum leap in the evolution of video analytics based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR). The multiple identifiers associated with a vehicle enable ARES to provide an immense amount of data and analytics intelligence. Whether you’re looking to beef up security or utilize the information for business intelligence, ARES works for you.
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Proactive - Protective - Preventative

PlateSmart Technologies
ARES offers the groundbreaking capabilities of PlateSmart’s software-only ALPR solution, as well as real-time data mining and analytic tools never before available, at an unmatched price point. This is the most cost-effective and powerful software developed for counter-terrorism, law enforcement, private security, business intelligence, and much more.
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    Affordable Price Point
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    Works with Virtually Any Surveillance Camera
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    Hosted Service or Onsite Installation
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    24/7 Operation in All Weather
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    Reads multiple regions of interest in the same video image (HD capabilities)
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    Integrates with Virtually Any VMS
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    On-Demand Recording
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    Easily Scalable

ARES Tiers

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An enterprise grade ALPR analytics solution. Captures vehicle information, such as plate, state, and vehicle make and stores to a database, checks against designated hotlists for alerts, then provides advanced analytics for vehicle movement tracking, predictive intelligence, and more. Per-site install includes five licenses for ARES Viewer, an easy-to-use standalone tool for real-time and historical viewing of vehicle and alert information. Other Premium features include unlimited user accounts, customer accounts, and analytical policies, as well as real-time alert notification to users via email/text messaging, web-based search and report from any device, and configurable data retention policy.

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A simplified version of ARES, providing the essential features of ARES for organizations with limited budgets. Per-site install includes two licenses for ARES Viewer. Also includes one black list, one white list, and one exclusion list, plus a configurable data retention policy.

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A basic ALPR system that manages camera connections and captures vehicle information such as plate, state, and make, and stores to a database. Also transmits vehicle metadata in XML format to a companion system such as a Video Management System (VMS) via TCP connection. The PlateSmart metadata can be employed by the end user to drive specific business logic or workflow. Includes one license for ARES Viewer.

Additional Features

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ARES Cloud-Based Hosting

(available Q2 2017)

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Minimal hardware installation required
  • Works with your infrastructure
  • No “rip and replace” of equipment
  • Full ARES feature set with minimal administrative and IT overhead
  • Run reports using any web browser
  • Receive live email and text alerts to any device

High-Definition Areas of Interest

  • Reduced hardware footprint and cost
  • Leverages high-definition cameras
  • Enables plate captures from a flexible field of view
  • Captures multiple regions of traffic and overviews at the same time from a single camera
  • Capture regions user-definable
  • Easy installation
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ARES Viewer

  • Simple standalone application for ARES ALPR monitoring
  • ALPR captures and alerts shown complete with full-color images, state, and make
  • Access details about any plate or capture or alert
  • Easy grouping by camera, captured plate, make, or state for quick research
  • Instant keyword search by camera name, make, or state
  • Partial plate number search
  • Assign multiple colors and customization for different alerts and features

The PlateSmart Network

  • Law enforcement can be instantly notified of intruders on your property
  • Share license plate capture data with other ARES users via a secure connection
  • Perfect for businesses, housing developments, hospitals, college campuses, and more
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