Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions (ARES) 3.0

Enterprise-grade ALPR and Vehicle Intelligence

The all-new PlateSmart ARES 3.0 solution offers more than just license plate data. It’s a true vehicle intelligence solution. Whether your objective is preventing crime or growing revenue, PlateSmart ARES 3.0 delivers actionable intelligence you can use.

ARES ALPR software

How is PlateSmart ARES 3.0 Superior?

In a nutshell, ARES 3.0 starts with ALPR, driven by cutting-edge AI and deep learning, and ends by delivering virtually unprecedented vehicle analytics. Capture the license plate and jurisdiction as well as the vehicle make and color, and then use the software’s powerful analytical tools to make smarter decisions: 

See how traffic flows into and out of your community or facility
Identify potential criminal behavior
Search for vehicles by a variety of attributes, times, and locations

Even better, ARES 3.0 offers almost unlimited scalability, making it ideal whether monitoring three cameras or 3000. As always, the software integrates with top video management systems (VMS) such as Milestone, IPConfigure, Exacq and others. And it’s capable of integrating with virtually any third-party software solution, offering customers enhanced functionality via ALPR. 

PlateSmart Application

Comprehensive Search and Filtering

Part of the power of ARES 3.0 is the software’s ability to narrow down the vehicle data you collect to just the right portion to analyze. It does this with comprehensive searching and filtering tools:

Look for vehicles within a specific date range.
Narrow down your search by specific times of day that you choose.
Choose any of the plate and vehicle attributes to filter results.
Identify cameras or groups of cameras to search only their feeds.

The best part is that you can mix and match any of these tools for virtually unlimited search combinations. The end result is time saved and answers received.

Get Real-time Alerts

PlateSmart ARES 3.0 offers unlimited hotlists that can be set up and managed with the touch of a button. Whether it’s a security issue or a VIP customer who just arrived, you can get real-time alerts when ARES 3.0 detects these vehicles.  

Do you have a restraining order against a former employee? Have security notified the moment they drive onto your property.
Did a VIP customer just arrive? Alert your concierge automatically.
Is that a curbside pickup customer driving up? Let ARES 3.0 tell your staff to bring out their order.
platesmart law enforcement integration

Integrate with Law Enforcement

Fighting crime is a key application for PlateSmart ARES 3.0 software. That’s why it integrates seamlessly with NCIC and state Fusion Center databases. Help your local police solve more crimes and keep you safer by notifying them when a suspect vehicle arrives at your location.

Apply ARES 3.0 to Your Specific Solution

See how ARES 3.0 can be applied in a variety of market sectors. Visit our Solutions page to learn more.