PlateSmart’s ALPR Integrates with Geutebrück VMS

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April 5, 2018
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April 11, 2018
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PlateSmart’s ALPR Integrates with Geutebrück VMS

PlateSmart Technologies, creator of the world’s leading intelligent video analytics solutions based on Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking ALPR technology is in the final stages of full integration as a new Automatic License Plate Reading solution in Geutebrück’s Video Management Software (VMS). PlateSmart and Geutebrück USA Inc., both longtime pioneers in their respective fields, will debut this revolutionary new functionality starting in May of 2018.


The need for the most advanced physical security technology available is increasing around the world as the twin threats of crime and terrorism continue to grow. With PlateSmart ALPR integrated with Geutebrück VMS, users will be able to use cameras connected to the VMS to scan passing license plates and compare them to known people of interest, terminated employee list, or any hot list deemed to make the environment safer.

Geutenbrück’s analytics will allow viewing of these alerts in real time, with associated video clips by the form of metadata, which allows alarm triggering from within their software. All PlateSmart license plate captures include plate number, state jurisdiction, vehicle make, time and date stamps, and GPS location. Future releases of the software will add the ability to detect vehicle class (sedan, SUV, truck, etc.) All these features are available at the most competitive price point in the marketplace.

“We are very much looking forward to showing our customers the possibilities of PlateSmart at ICS West 2018,” said PlateSmart CEO John Chigos. “Adding ALPR to any existing security system used to be a proposition that entailed unimaginable expense both in time and money. What we want conference attendees to see is that you can have one of the world’s best VMS systems in place and add one of the leading ALPR solutions to it without having to rip and replace any equipment and without breaking the bank.”

Geutebrück USA booth # 24103.

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