PlateSmart Launches New Website Offering Hassle-Free ALPR Demos

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February 19, 2016
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February 25, 2016

Industry leader in ALPR-based intelligent video analytics will demonstrate license plate captures using any video footage or live camera feed provided by website visitors, even footage from any smartphone

PlateSmart Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its new website, which offers a feature never before seen in the security industry. Visitors to the site can arrange for a live online demonstration of PlateSmart’s award-winning camera-agnostic Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) using any video footage the visitor provides. The demonstration occurs in real time via online session without any PlateSmart software or equipment being set up at the visitor’s location.

PlateSmart has built its reputation on its readiness to demonstrate its capabilities with little advance preparation, something few if any of its competitors can do. This website, however, is a true first in the marketplace; although some competing companies offer online ALPR demos using still images, PlateSmart is the first to do so using full-motion video. The demonstration can make use of practically any video, including not only footage shot with standard surveillance cameras, but also footage from smartphones.

In addition to this groundbreaking feature, PlateSmart’s new website also sports a clean, contemporary look and a wealth of information about the Company’s product offerings, including case studies, white papers, and videos about ARES, PlateSmart’s flagship fixed intelligent video analytics platform. The live demo feature can be accessed directly from the home page and from numerous other locations on the site.

The launch of this website is the newest indicator of PlateSmart’s rapid ascendancy in the video analytics marketplace. As CEO John Chigos noted, “We have won some of our biggest contracts simply because we were ready to show the client what we could do when none of the competition could. We felt it was time to expand on that so that more people would come and check out PlateSmart, knowing that once they did we would be the only logical choice.”

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