PlateSmart Participates in Super Bowl 50 Security

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February 19, 2016
PlateSmart Launches New Website Offering Hassle-Free ALPR Demos
February 24, 2016

Law enforcement officers tasked with securing Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California, on February 7th were given a unique technological edge as areas around Levi’s Stadium were monitored by fixed-location surveillance cameras utilizing ALPR software from PlateSmart.

PlateSmart’s solutions take ALPR (often referred to as license plate scanners or license plate readers) to the next level over traditional solutions, adding recognition of vehicle make and color as well as state jurisdiction. All PlateSmart license plate captures include full-color images as well as date and time stamps and GPS locations. Additionally, all captures are bookmarked to their corresponding video recordings, meaning that recorded events are instantly searchable using PlateSmart. The next generation of PlateSmart ALPR technology will feature High-Definition (HD) capability, allowing the extraction of license plates from a far wider field of view than previously possible.

PlateSmart is no stranger to providing security for important events with huge crowds of people. In 2012, PlateSmart was the only company whose ALPR technology was used to help protect attendees at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. PlateSmart CEO John Chigos said, “As a company that has committed itself to the safety of the public, we welcome opportunities like this one. High profile events such as the Super Bowl are meant to be enjoyed, and the last thing anyone wants to think about is criminal activity, or even worse, a terrorist attack. We consider it our job to deal with those things so that others don’t have to. It’s our honor and pleasure to take on this vital job.”

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