Open platform enables users to add feature ‘Apps’ to Samsung cameras

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August 18, 2014
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October 1, 2014

Atlanta, GA (September 29, 2014) – Samsung Techwin America is introducing their Open Platform feature at this year’s ASIS (booth # 1927), making it possible for 3rd-party companies using standardized APIs to develop applications and install them on Samsung cameras WiseNet III cameras.  This gives users the freedom to deploy their ideal combination of edge applications including video analytics, advanced features and video management software to match their individual requirements, further enhancing the already feature-rich cameras.

“Samsung’s open platform camera technology provides a launchpad for the development of innovative video surveillance and security systems that can be applied to a wide variety of market segments,” said Tom Cook, Vice President, Sales, Samsung Techwin America. “Our ongoing objective is to meet customers’ needs by continuing to push the boundaries of traditional video surveillance.”

The cameras’ open platform framework allows end users to install any one of a number of applications that provide advanced functions including: Cloud connectivity, video direct to storage, people counting, intrusion detection, queue management, license plate recognition, face capture and recognition, transit and cargo recognition.

Companies that have already written applications for Samsung’s Open Platform include PlateSmart for LPR, Agent VI for video analytics and Verocity for direct-to-storage video transfer from the camera.

This article is published in Security Info Watch.

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