ABC News Interview With PlateSmart Technologies

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Fox News Interview: PlateSmart and Border Security
March 13, 2013

March 12, 2013

PHOENIX – The 7th Annual Border Security Expo kicked off in Phoenix Tuesday.

ABC News Interview With PlateSmart Technologies. The future of border security in our country will be the center of discussion with around 2,000 local, federal and state border patrol officials gathering under one roof over the next two days.

The expo also attracts companies to show off their cutting-edge technology and how it can be used to keep our borders safe.
There’s a wide variety of items on display from off-road vehicles, to high-tech surveillance cameras to self-warming food.

On Tuesday morning the company, Platesmart, showed an ABC News crew how it’s software program works.
It can be connected with any kind of camera and scans license plates from every state and even other countries.
The software can detect suspicious vehicles, amber alerts even criminals.
It’s currently being used by law enforcement officials, universities and airports.

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