ARES Enterprise LPR Systems

Detect, Analyze, Predict

PlateSmart is proud to bring you ARES (Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions), a first in the evolution of LPR-based enterprise video analytics systems. ARES provides the groundbreaking capabilities of PlateSmart’s software-only LPR solutions as well as never-before-available real-time data mining and predictive analytic tools—all at a price point unmatched in the security technology industry.

ARES - Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Architecture v2

Typical ARES Architecture


Video security technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the last several years, culminating in the development of the Video Management System (VMS). Where security systems were once limited to low-resolution black and white video recorded on VHS cassettes, new systems like the VMS provide full-color HD video transmitted from digital IP cameras and recorded on high-capacity servers for easy storage and retrieval. But even the most advanced of these systems are usually only able to monitor and record—human beings are still needed to manually extract and analyze data from hours, days, or weeks of recorded video. The few systems that do incorporate some LPR and analytic functions fall well short of the reliability and accuracy offered by ARES. And such systems are dependent on specialty hardware to perform these functions, unlike ARES.

ARES can integrate seamlessly with any VMS. With the solution running alongside, your VMS can share in the wealth of data extracted by ARES and the analytic tools to make it useful. ARES provides you with real-time situational awareness and the ability to proactively deal with potential threats by making LPR data available automatically, quickly, and easily. When it comes to security, time is always a factor. ARES gives you the edge.

metadata flow final 4

An Example of ARES Paired with a VMS

Video: ARES Integration With ExacqVision VMS

No Limits

ARES has practically limitless applications in both the public and private sectors, including law enforcement, education and campus security, government and military applications, homeland security applications, city surveillance, healthcare facility security, casino security, repossession and recovery, airport security, and international applications. Whatever your requirements, ARES LPR-based solutions offer the robust, accurate, and comprehensive analytics you need.



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