ARES-logoAnalytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions

PlateSmart is proud to bring you ARES, or Analytic Recognition Enterprise Solutions. ARES is the first ALPR-based enterprise video analytics system, providing groundbreaking capabilities of PlateSmart’s software-only ALPR solutions as well as never-before-available real-time data mining and predictive analytic tools, all at a price point unmatched in the security technology industry.

The ARES architecture works by integrating the ARES solution software with any VMS (Video Management system). With the ARES solution software linked with a VMS security system, ARES can then monitor, record, extract, and analyze data digitally, giving the consumer real-time situational awareness and the ability to proactively deal with potential threats by making ALPR data available automatically, quickly, and easily. When it comes to security, time is always a precious factor. ARES gives you the edge and the peace of mind to know where trouble may lie without putting yourself or others in harm’s way.



Typical ARES Architecture


Being practically limitless, ARES applications are in the public and private sectors including, commercial, tolling, and physical security markets . Whatever your requirements, ARES ALPR-based solutions offer robust, accurate, and comprehensive analytics you need.

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